How It Works

Request Your Date

Step One: Request a fundraiser with your preferred date! We'll reach out immediately to get you on the schedule. We'll learn about your organization and its goals, and we'll help make sure your fundraiser is set up for the greatest success before it even starts.

Prepare Your Team

Step two: We'll give you and your team everything you need to run a successful fundraiser. We'll hold a full training session for your team that's custom-tailored to your organization, and we'll provide all the materials you'll need to make sure everyone feels prepared, comfortable, and motivated to meet your goals!

Sell Some Butts

Step three: Your team will get out there and sell some butts! (Or turkeys or hams, or all three.) We'll be easy to reach for any support you need throughout the process, so you never feel left out in the cold.

Special Delivery

Step Four: A week before your delivery date, we'll reach out to confirm the final order count, delivery time, invoice amount, and delivery location. On Delivery Day, we'll bring your piping hot orders of fresh, slow-smoked, melt-in-your-mouth barbecue meals to your location. We'll take your payment (cash, check, or card are all accepted, but check is preferred) and give you a receipt for your records.


Step five: While some of our clients have their sellers handle distribution to their individual customers, most have the customers all meet at the delivery location and pick up their own meal. Whichever way you do it, the end result is the same: your customers are happy, your sellers are proud of their work, and your organization is closer than ever to achieving your mission.



Step Six: Celebrate your success with your team! And of course enjoy some delicious barbecue. You've earned it.

Okay, real talk: how much is this gonna cost me?

Our pricing is super simple. We don't mark up the meat -- we place the order in your name from our local butcher, who will give you his lowest bulk-order price. All that we charge for ourselves is a flat fee per meat to smoke, package, seal, and deliver each meat.

Here are your costs per meat, as of January 2021:

  • Boston Butts: $10 for Firehouse + $1.29 per pound meat cost (butts average around 8 lbs apiece)
  • Half Hams: $11 for Firehouse + $1.89 per pound meat (they average 12 lbs)
  • Whole Turkeys: $15 for Firehouse + $15 flat butcher fee (they're approximately 14 lbs apiece)

We also offer volume discounts on our Boston Butts. If you sell more than 200, we charge $9, and if you sell more than 450, it goes to $8.

Is there a limit to how many we can sell?

We can smoke and deliver up to 448 Boston butts per day or 224 hams per day. Many of our customers sell more than the daily maximums. In this case all you do is book additional delivery days. Please let us know as early as possible when you sell more than the daily limit, so we can be sure to reserve enough space in the smokers!

Ready to get started?

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