Pick a date

Your first step is to pick an open date, fill out the contact us form and list the date or dates you are interested in having your meat delivered. We will then contact you to confirm your delivery date and send you our customer information form.

our staff will

At this point you will have picked the type of meat you are going to sell, decided on your selling price, and confirmed your delivery date(s). Using the information you provide we will create and email your customized tickets and flyers. Don't worry, we are here to help you, and answer any questions so that your sale can be a success!

Sale, Sale, Sale

We will check in with you 7- 10 days before your delivery date to see how your sale is going. Your sale will need to be finalized and numbers confirmed to us 48 hours before your delivery date.

Minimum Boston butt delivery is 60 butts.

Minimum ham delivery is 40 hams.

Butts and hams must be ordered in even numbers.


how much money will i make?

To help you make the most money, we will order the meat at cost in YOUR NAME from our meat supplier. When we deliver you will need to write two checks. One to our supplier for your meat and one to Firehouse Barbecue for smoking, packing, and delivering your meat.

Meat Costs:

As of August 1st, 2020 the average cost per butt was around $22 for each butt. Most customers have great success selling their butts for $40.00 each. Giving you a profit of around $18.00 each!!

As of August 1st, 2020, half hams cost around $31. Most customers have great success selling their hams for $45 to $50 each. Giving you a profit of around $19.00 each!!

how many can i sell?

We can smoke and deliver up to 448 Boston butts per day or 224 hams per day. Many of our customers sell more than the daily maximums. In this case all you do is book additional delivery days. Please let us know as early as possible when you sell more than the daily limit.


Next Steps...

Click on "Get Started," find an open date, and send us your contact information. Someone from our sales team will contact you very soon.